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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 27, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> but first tonight a crash along i-95 snarls traffic and tonight police say the driver of that tractor trailer may have fallen asleep at the wheel. as you can see, the truck overturned in the middle of the highway and fox 29's drew dickman is live in new castle county tonight with this story. drew? >> reporter: iain, the interstate is back open as you can see the cars over my shoulder heading towards 95 right now. fortunately, no one was killed in this crash but police say this serves as an important example of why you need to get enough rest especially truck drivers before they head out on the roadway. >> i could in my car and it happen. i could be scare. >> reporter: skyfox captured the mass suv backup that shut down i-95 south for more than four hours. state police say it was just after 4:00 this morning when philip bates fell asleep behind the wheel of his ups semi and rolled the truck on its side. investigators say bates drove off into the shoulder and struck the guardrail the 295 merge lane.
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80 year old man traveling behind him was unable to stop and slammed into the undercarriage of the tractor trailer. both men were wearing their seat belts and will be okay. although bates was trapped inside the ups truck for an hour and had to be rescued. a spokesperson for ups issued this statement "we care deeply about the safety of our people and the public we serve. the cause of the accident on i-95 is currently under investigation by our own safety team. it may be several days before we know what cough the crash ". >> i spoke with a truck driver who talks about what he does to stay safe on the roadway. >> working to 10 hours a day. not 14 to 20. >> reporter: you think that could be a problem here. >> big problem. it's everywhere. people try to drive -- they cut everybody's wages they try to drive too much. so i don't know. quit driving so much you'll be all right. >> reporter: now i attempted to ask ups spokesperson how long bates had been on the road and when the last time he was able to get some sleep. he was not able to answer that
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question saying that is a part of their on-going investigation. in the meantime, bates was issued a citation for inattentive driving. iain? >> all right, drew, thank you. time how now check in with your fox 29 weather authority. here's a live look at old city. you know it's hard to believe this is the last weekend of june as people are out and about. every weekend this month has been nice. so can we do it again? chief meteorologist scott williams outside of our old city studios. scott we've been on roll. iain, i think the answer to that question is yes. a nice friday will turn into a beautiful upcoming weekend. humidity is lowering across the area. folks are out and about here in old city. let's talk little bit about the temperatures. 82 degrees right now. you can see folks in old city dining outdoors. humidity at 47%. the sun doesn't set this evening until 8:34. 76 degrees right now in atlantic city. we have 77 in millville. 79 trenton much mid 80s right now in allentown. but look at the dew point
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temperatures. they're starting to drop into the 50s for many locations especially down the shore. sections of south jersey. so any time it gets below 60 it starts to feel a little more comfortable when you step outdoors. satellite and radar right now showing quiet conditions. really just a mixture of sun and clouds across our area on this friday evening. and i think we'll stay dry by 7:00 o'clock temperatures will be in the upper 70s. a nice evening for festivals, events perhaps backyard barbec barbecue. 74 degrees by 9:00 o'clock and then as we roll the temperatures by 11:00, 71 degrees. it's going to be a quiet overnight. coming up, i'll have that complete weekend forecast and also talk about when to expect 90-degree heat and we'll talk about the fourth of july forecast because it is next friday. hard to believe. iain, back to you. >> all right. scott, thank you. happening now, police are trying to find a woman wanted for a brutal beating. 25 year old tia harris wanted for terroristic threats and aggravated assault. bail has already been set at
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$35,000. police say she's the woman in this video taped attack of another woman. it happened while the victim's two year old son watched on in horror. the victim is now recovering at home thankfully her son was not hurt. >> now to a developing story that we're following out of atlantic city tonight. showboat casino announcing this morning it will close its doors at the end of august. it's the latest in a string of set backs for atlantic city's troubled gaming industry. fox 29's bruce gordon is live in atlantic city tonight. bruce? >> reporter: iain, atlantic city's month and plea on east coast gaming has long since disappeared. with it now thousands of jobs tied to this over developed cass season know market. the crowds on atlantic city's iconic boardwalk were big enou enough. but too many visitors walked past the showboat casino. too few walked inform business is down by nearly half since 2009. jackie and her friends come to the showboat from virginia but not as often as they used to. >> i asked her why.
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>> just doesn't have the same feel to it that other places have. >> reporter: the closing of the showboat will put more than 2,000 workers out on the street. most have noticed the fall off in business. >> not surprised to me. they've been saying it for while. we just wanted an answer, you know. now we got answer. >> it's a sad thing but they got to do what they got to do. i respect the decision but we got to move on with life. >> reporter: caesars has promised showboat workers will have first crack at openings at their thee remaining ac sites. those workers are not optimist optimistic. >> i was a bartender at showboat. i'm 47 years old. so how many 47 year old bartender positions do you think 47 year old bartender i'm going to find? >> the atlantic club closed its doors back in january. putting 1600 workers out on the street. on this day we saw worker trimming weeds growing up through the cracks of the padlocked parking lot out front. and just last week, the cash strapped revel casino announced it, too, will close come september. if a buyer can't be found.
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that would kill another 3200 jobs. atlantic city's mayor stood in front of construction for a new bass pro shop today. called the showboat closing sad and painful. but don guardian section the marketplace will decide when enough casinos have gone out of business. >> at some point, you're going to have the right number of casinos that are all going to be profitable. it's going to be tough times as we make this transition with the jobs we need to create has got to be outside the gaming market. >> reporter: those jobs may take years to materialize. in the meantime the casinos are holding on for deer live. in fact, showboat's owner caesars entertainment today call the closing of this facility necessary to stabilize business at its three remaining ac properties. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. police in new jersey are working to prevent underaged drinking down the shore. undercover police officers across the state will station themselves inside liquor stores to arrest customers who use fake id's. and cops will also arrest adults
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who buy alcohol for minors. officials say more than 200 people were arrested last summer through the same initiative. >> a montgomery county teenager leaves a local pharmacy and then seemingly vanishes. police say 17 year old dina marie troy den burger has not been seen since tuesday afternoon. she we drew money at an elkins park walgreens and has not been seen since. she's 5 feet tall with long black hair. if you have any information call police. >> and this is 39 year old charles riley. police in new castle county, delaware, say he's wanted for indecent exposure. the charges stem from five separate incidents in the area of wellington woods and sparrow run in bear. if you have any information on his whereabouts contact authorities. a unanimous vote pennsylvania senate committee approves a bill allowing marijuana to be grown, processed and dispensed with oversight by a state board. under the proposal, state residents would need a $100 access card from the health department and written confirmation from they qualify
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for a medical condition. governor corbett says he'll only support the use of marijuana to treat children with severe seizures. >> the panel investigating the so-called bridge gate scandal wants to call 13 more witnesses. lawmakers say they want to talk to several top aids new jersey governor chris christie as well as the mayor of fort lee much his town was paralyzed by gridlock for four days when george washington's bridge lanes closed. the legislative panel is looking into whether christie or anyone in his administration had a roll in closing those lanes for some sort of political pay back. national hockey league and comcast spec at a tour doing their part for the environment. they're unveiling 30 new planted trees along pattison avenue in south philadelphia. it's part of the nhl's green legacy tree project and the goal is to help revitalize urban areas by planting 30 trees for all 30 clubs in the nhl. >> we are committed to doing the things that are important for the environment. we are committed to making sure
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that the platforms we have to raise awareness are used. >> this project is a joint collaboration between the nhl, comcast spec at a tour and the pennsylvania horticultural association. round one of the nhl draft tonight right here in philadelphia. >> a thief targeting pizza shops in philadelphia. you can help track him down. the latest place hit and the surveillance video police want you to see. how you can help solve the cri crime. and despite the controversy over businesses in atlantic city, people are flocking to the town this weekend. the sands sol cher event you may want to check out with your family. scott. >> iain arc lot of events taking place, of course. area wide. here's a look at that saturday snapshot. 85 tomorrow in the city. 80 for the poconos and 79 degrees for the shore. when i come back, that complete entire weekend forecast plus building heat and humidity as we move into next week. >> and tonight at 10:00 he couldn't walk or bend his arms and this little boy could barely
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speak. the mysterious injuries that brought him halfway around the world for a second shot at a normal life. that's tonight at 10:00. [ male announcer ] ortho crime files.
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♪ >> police say charges are pending in that crash that sent car careening on to sidewalk yesterday in southwest philadelphia. surveillance video shows people scatter as the cars veered toward ag supermarket at 59th and cedar. a nine year old was hit by the car and was found bleeding from the head. the child was taken to chop. the car's driver and a 16 year old passenger were both treated for injuries. a robbery at a pizza shop in philadelphia's wynnefield section may be connected to a series of robberies at pizza
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shops in southwest philadelphia. police say a man with gun walked into pete' pizza on the 1900 block of north 54th street last week and they say he stole cash and then took off. employees claim the same man rob the restaurant back in february. >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter gets emotional as he announces three of his top aids are leaving. at a press conference today, the mayor said dr. donald schwartz deputy mayor for health and opportunity, anne-marie ambrose the commissioner of human services department, and first deputy chief of staff susan are on their way out. schwartz and ambrose have been working with the mayor since 2008. by miller joined in 2010 much the clock is ticking for the winner avenue million dollar powerball ticket to claim their prize the ticket was bought for july 13th, 2013's drawing at country farms food market in new field in gloucester county. the winning numbers are 02, zero i was, 22, 25 and 37. the ticket spires on july 13t
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july 13th. it's the kick off to the citywide baseball season at belmont plateau in fairmount park. hundreds of young people from the city competed in pal's annual homerun derby. it teaches children about the game, fitness and team work. after the competition, the young people were given words of encouragement. >> despite all the controversy over business in atlantic city, people are flocking to the shore for the do ac sand scuttling world cup. they're not just using bucket and shovel. they are artists. fox 29's jenn frederick said this is the place to be this weekend. report roar okay. it's finally here. it is literally the world cup of sand sculpting and, of course, you can't have the world cup of anything without elsa, anna and he will love. there's no waiting in line. if you come to ac and jeff is here. i love this. they have the boys taking care of the legos. >> that's right. >> the ladies taking care of with elsa. as we talk along a little bit explain that even if you can't get down to atlantic city today,
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saturday, sunday, you can still see these cup tours up until july 9th. >> up until july 9th after our july 4 firework celebration. you have to see it this is one of those temporary spectacles only happy in atlantic city. >> elsa and legos are by one artist. the artists are literally teaming up for a second part of the competition? >> that's correct. they're from all over the world. we have 20 global artists and so they paired up to come together to say what would you make? how would you do it? how do we make something special together. >> i love it. matt long is here it's a good friend of fox 29. not are you competing now, you're helping people along the way. >> i am helping people along the way. you know, we love to instruct and show them all about atlantic city sand. what great time it is down here. having a lot of fun but i always tell people i'm as much a fan of sand sculpting as i am a participant here. you look around at these sculptures. >> they're off the scale. >> good luck buddy. thank you my dear. >> it's atlantic city.
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beautiful, beautiful thing you must see. back to you in the studio. >> your weather authority is looking ahead to another great weekend. here's beautiful evening right now at bush kill folk in the pocono mountains very nice sight on a mild summer evening. chief meteorologist scott williams here with your full forecast which looks pretty go good. scott. >> whether you'll be in the poconos or down the shore or in the city for that matter, things looking pretty good for this upcoming weekend. the last weekend of the month. 82 degrees right now. humidity at 47%. the sun will set this evening a little after 8:30. the low this morning 71 degrees. we made it up to 84 for the high. the normal this time of year now up to 86 degrees. so we were actually a couple of degrees below where we should be for this time of year. down the shore right now, we have 76 degrees in atlantic city. 77 in millville. 76 in dover. low 80s still in the philadelphia area. as well as pottstown. over to reading, 82 degrees. mid 80s right now in allentown. so everywhere looking pretty
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good. humidity lowering because those dew points are starting to drop below 60 degrees. any time it drops below 60 it starts to feel a little more comfortable. mid 50s now in atlantic city as well as wildwood. we have 56-degree dew point temperature currently in millville. satellite and radar, showing just a few scattered clouds out there. dry conditions and once again pretty comfortable perhaps you'll be throwing something on the grill tonight. or stepping outdoor out to chect that new restaurant. looks pretty good. what about your saturday? by 7am looking at a lot of sunshine across the area. so if you'll be outdoors, stay hydrated. also, don't forget that sunscreen. as we roll the clock to 5:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon and evening, looking good. dry in south jersey all of delaware just a few passing clouds. expected across our area. and then saturday night, looking good as well. so recapping that forecast for your friday evening, it stays warm, not too humid. if you're stepping outside. this weekend a mixture of sun and clouds.
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low humidity across our area. and then next week we're talking hazy, hot, humid. 90 degrees temperatures will return as well as the threat for a few pop up showers and thunderstorms. upper 50s in the suburbs tonig tonight. 65 degrees in the city. partly cloudy. mild. quiet. we're looking at winds that will be light across the region for the overnight. for your saturday, 85 degrees for the high temperature. mostly sunny. once again it's going to be a pleasant day and as we focus in on the weekend get away spots the pocono mountains dry. 80 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. sunday, sunshine, micking in with a few clouds. 79 degrees. so no worries there. the weekend forecast down the shore, upper 70s. dry conditions both saturday and season day. water temperatures climb to go around 70 degrees. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you a pair of tens for the weekend. 85 on saturday. 85 as well on sunday.
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looking good for the phils game taking on the braves. as we focus in on that forecast by early next week, we're looking autism chess climbing into the upper 80s, 90-degree territory. hazy, hot and humid. 90 degrees expected by wednesday and thursday and then it looks like a front will settle in across our area putting an end to the oppressive heat we're anticipating for the middle part of next week. and a nice kick off to, yes, the fourth of july weekend. 86 degrees for the high temperature next friday and right now it doesn't look like it's going to be as humid as that wednesday as well as thursday leading up to the fourth and some of the models are indicating a pretty nice fourth of july weekend for next weekend as well. so they keep coming. >> another one. >> all right. scott, thank you. that will be terrific. >> here's some news for you. fox 29 family just got a little larger we want to welcome beautiful little peyton howard born very early this morning. peyton and mom kristen are doing
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great according to her dad fox 29 account executive blaze howard. congratulations to all. beautiful kid there. >> what little cut cutie. absolutely. >> love it. >> this isn't such great news here. phillies add one of their regulars to the disable list. and the most touching moment from last night's nba draft, the story behind the pick is next. ♪
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♪ >> sixers fans get comfortable. well because you have a lot of waiting ahead of you. gm sam hinkie spoke today about last night's draft. he was asked when the future becomes now which he responded, well, it's hard to tell. this of course is the same team that called 19 and 63 season a success. so as you probably already heard, the sixers took joel embiid with the third pick what we found out today that pick is supposed to be out five to eight months instead of four to six. but that doesn't worry the sixers one bit. >> in many ways, in many ways very fortunate to have had the set of circumstances happen that happened that were allow a player like joel to be in our
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position. >> you didn't take players that could have helped you this year that's the not direction you want to go. >> we'll continue to be very aggressive to find the bev players we can for our team. >> even how war eskin can't get an answer out of hinkie on that. >> the phillies open a series again the braves tonight at citizens bank park. they place catcher carlos ruiz on the seven day list with concussion like symptoms. he was hit by a pitch in the 11th inning last night's five five-three win over marlins in one of the classy eighty three moves by the nba, they drafted isaia austin last night. the sophomore from baylor discovered he has a genetic disorder news he received just this week which prevents him from playing. he would have have been a first rounder so adam silver and the league drafted him to the nba any way last night. a very very classy move by the nba. >> absolutely. i was happy to see that i feel for the kid. i'm glad he's in the nba. that's terrific. >> all right. colleen thank you that will do
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it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10. have great night. inside edition is up next.
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come to hhgregg. and fill your home with happy. shia labeouf busted. >> what is the story? >> the actor shia labeouf hauled off in handcuffs after freaking out at this theater. >> did cops really put a mask over his face because he was spitting at them? then nanny go home, fired by the family but she just won't go away. >> i want you to -- why won't you leave their house. >> this is the nanny's room, this is their sons' room, little joey and ralphy sleep in fear every night. >> they even lock the fridge so she will leave. >> you actually pat lock -- padlock your refrigerator every night? >> just like this. >> how can this be happening in america? plus running mom controversy. >> great effort here. >> she is eight months pregnant, but is it


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